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Development and research

Development of sheet metal products

The range of products made from sheet metal or the sheet metal is an integral part of it is huge. Typical representatives of cut and bent sheets are various housings of devices, constructions and special .

We are specialized in 3D design of sheet metal products. From 3D models we extract 2D formats for laser cutting and prepare programs for further bending of sheet metal.


Development of complex surface models

We develop and bring your idea to the ultimate 3D model, based on which we can produce the finished product..

We deal with design and 3D modeling of industrial products. We define external (free) surfaces of products and prepare tools for tool making.


Design of structures

We are dealing with 3D modeling and construction of engineering structures. We construct and modify the constructions and issue all necessary documentation..


Visual rendering of 3D models

With advanced computer programs we visualize the desired views of 3D models. With computer-generated photographs, we can create high-quality presentations of our ideas and solutions, thus presenting them to a client or customer in a great way.


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